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Why cooperate with us

Confidence and satisfaction of our clients are crucial to us. Therefore, we provide our clients with a solution that is professional, efficient and cost-effective.


We have based our cloud on the OpenStack platform and we operate it on the most modern and professional hardware that is regularly upgraded to ensure the top level of quality.

Solution Optimization

When planning a specific client solution we utilize our experience, good practices and case studies and we take into account tech development and the predicitions of clients´ growth.

Why cooperate with us


Thanks to the unique technology solution of our products we are able to constantly keep on adapting to your needs with personal approach and no administrative burden.

English Support 24/7

We do not use chatbots. You always get in touch with a real human which will focus on your issue in real time - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and always in English.

Client's Review

We provide our clients with virtual infrastructure solutions- See how our services helped them to resolve the biggest problems they faced.


The world transitions to the online environment. Technologies are being developed at stunning pace and it is hard to find your way in all the news. We are happy to share with you intersting and practical infromation regarding IT and virtual IT infrastructure.

Why you should think about renewal of IT infrastructure NOW

How can you minimize risks and negative consequences of renewal of your IT infrastructure?

The Real Cost of Physical IT Infrastructure

IT department has received a budget to purchase new servers. But there is a difference between how much IT costs and how much it really costs.

OpenStack and Kubernetes -> Flexibility and Stability

OpenStack and Kubernetes - we would like to translate for you two technical terms that are used in connection with clouds into the language of managers.

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